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with the companies you own. Responsible shareholders, often SRI investors, may have intentionally supported a corporation after considering its purpose and potential impact to the world we live in. Being aware of the world around us, and choosing to invest responsibly, makes powerful tools such as shareholder advocacy, integral to SRI investing.

SRI Investing and Stake are pleased to provide a digital bridge between the shareholder and the boardroom with an online portal specifically customized to your investment portfolio. presents shareholder advocacy simply and intuitively, making for a more meaningful experience while responsibly directing the impact of your investments.

 Contact [email protected] to receive an invite link to sign up.

Investing in a corporation and becoming a shareholder is to support and potentially benefit from the growth of that company. Beyond the initial choice of investment, Stake users get one step closer to the less accessible and time consuming components of shareholder advocacy. Through, SRI investors participate in creating shareholder resolutions, aka “Asks” and get to view other Asks that are related to the specific investments of that Stake user. brings SRI investors from supporting, to potentially shaping governance, legal, and ethical behaviour of a corporation - all within a simple to use web based platform.

Please enjoy the informational video by the Stake team below.

SRI Investing actively encourages responsible companies to improve on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Now, you can join in. Stake empowers you to directly use your shareholder voice.  SRI Investing is excited to partner with Stake. If you accept our invite to join, we can help you use Stake to create impact, so that we can better serve you and advance your values. 

Please contact [email protected] to receive an invite link to sign up.

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Click the Stake Logo to Learn More