Our Clients

Our clients are looking for an advisor who can help them do something important and meaningful with their money. They want to live in a world that is peaceful, sustainable, and where all people have a decent opportunity for financial security and success. They want that for their children too. We help them invest in ways that are helping to bring about that kind of world. We help them invest in a fairer and greener economy.

  • Our clients care about the well being of others and the world and want to invest in companies that are not only profitable but whose business practices genuinely contribute to nature and society.
  • They are collaborators and are comfortable working with an advisor.
  • They typically invest in, buy and use ecologically sustainable products and services.
  • They insist on authenticity and integrity, personally, at work, in business and in politics.
  • They are concerned about women's issues, and more generally, with fairness and social equity.
  • They are often people who explore alternative health care, exercise regularly, meditate, and otherwise seek to live healthy and holistic lifestyles.
  • They care about and work for peace.
  • They are often anxious about their money when they initially come to us because they haven’t yet found a financial advisor who takes their values seriously. We do.