Harmony with Nature


Our Ancestors…

indigenous peoples, cosmovisions, ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions from around the world have long recognized the symbiotic nature of the human-Earth relationship. Nature and Mother Earth is a sacred living being, which is connected to all other living beings, the elements, stones, water, air, earth and all the creatures that inhabit earth. All of Earth’s beings have the right to life, respect and even to be consulted when making important choices that make an impact on life. It’s our responsibility to care for the source of life. The need to live in balance and harmony with nature, is passed through the knowledge and invaluable teachings of indigenous peoples. The connection they have is so deep, and It is the teachings from these deep spiritual relationships that root our investment philosophy, grounding us to provide a perspective that takes into account the impact on life and our surroundings. At the core of this worldview, is the recognition of the intrinsic value of Nature and of human-Earth relationships that are symbiotic, interconnected and subject to the natural laws of the Universe. The video below is a powerful reminder that the Earth is not ours, we are from it. We are nature and everything we do with our money on Earth affects life on some level. Let us maintain a pure heart and wisdom of mind to better realise a symbiosis to invest without negatively impacting nature - taking only what we need, a mutual exchange of energy that supports life.


Harmony with Nature UN 2016-03-12.