Welcome to SRI Investing!

Who We Are

SRI Investing is among the relatively few professional financial advisory firms in the country that specializes solely in SRI – sustainable, responsible, impact investing (aka socially responsible investing) and financial planning.

We are absolutely committed to:

  • Helping our individual clients achieve financially healthy, rewarding, and joyful lives.
  • Empowering non-profit and religious organizations to invest their financial resources safely, profitably, and in concert with their respective missions.
  • Encouraging and assisting all of our clients to invest in ways that fit their values and contribute to a world that is more peaceful, just, and sustainable.


How you spend and manage your financial resources matters. SRI investors are making important and meaningful contributions every day to an economy that works for everyone and the planet.

Come meet us, and become part of our client family!

Our Mission

SRI Investing helps progressively-minded people and organizations develop healthy relationships with money and invest in ways that contribute to a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

Our Values

We do what we say and keep our promises.

We're about people first, money second. We care for and about our clients.

We believe in it – we invest in it.


We are invested in an economy in which everyone has ample opportunity to prosper.

We are invested in a vibrant planet on which our children and grandchildren will be able to thrive.