Exciting News for SRI Investing!

<img src="informed-rob-lowe.png" alt="Informed With Rob Lowe" title="Informed with Rob Lowe"/>

During the week of April 30, a short documentary show about socially responsible impact investing, and featuring SRI Investing and me, will be distributed nationwide to over 200 PBS TV stations, to be aired periodically over the coming year.

This documentary is part of an award-winning series, entitled Informed (see www.informedseries.com) that highlights new and innovative stories and trends in business, health, travel, the environment, and education. The show is hosted by the well-known actor, Rob Lowe.

Informed wanted to do a piece about socially responsible impact (SRI) investing, based on their research that SRI has been growing rapidly over the past decade, emerging as a true force in the investment universe. As a financial advisor specializing in SRI, I am featured as an expert in the field.

I’ve always been happy and proud to be a part of the SRI community and phenomenon, and so I’m delighted to be a part of this PBS documentary.

In addition to the documentary, Informed has produced a 4-minute corporate identity video about SRI Investing that is now featured on the front page of my web site, www.SRIinvesting.com. Please take a moment to watch it, and if you watch PBS TV, keep an eye out for the documentary. Let me know what you think!