Happy of New Year!

I’m very excited to wish you all a happy 2018 by announcing I am moving my New York City office into the Empire State Building this week. This building is of course an architectural icon to the entire world, but it also recently became the icon for sustainability in the city, having undergone a major green renovation several years ago. I’m proud to be in this space (59th floor) – it’s actually been one of those secret dreams of mine for some years. I’m truly looking forward to hosting you there!

I closed off 2017 with an SRI Investing tradition, making two donations to honor you, my clients, in appreciation of the trust and confidence you place in us. Even more importantly, you care enough to invest your assets to help create a better world. The first donation went to Heifer International (www.heifer.org), helping to create financial opportunities in underserved communities worldwide. The second donation is to purchase carbon offset credits from Native Energy in Vermont (www.nativeenergy.com), to make our professional practice carbon neutral. Native Energy was founded in 2000 (the same year I started my SRI practice) and is now a leading provider of carbon offsets, renewable energy credits, and greenhouse gas consulting. 

I also want to make my annual invitation to you – to have us prepare your tax returns for 2017. Kurt Matthews, my brother, and I work as a team to produce your returns (together, we have over 7 decades of tax preparation experience). Kurt will be sending a tax organizer out to current tax clients shortly. We have direct access to your investment information forms (1099s, etc.) from Schwab or Foliofn – so when the rest of your information is assembled, just mail it in. If you are interested in having us prepare your returns for the first time this year, please email or call me and we’ll set that up.

Most of you will be aware that the end of 2017 saw the passage of arguably the most ill-advised tax legislation is memory. It is also the largest change to the tax law since 1986. The vast majority of those changes take effect next year. Hopefully, you read my earlier blog on this legislation and had the opportunity to prepay some of your state and local taxes, and possibly make some additional charitable donations, prior to yearend, assuming you itemize your deductions. Many who itemize now will find themselves taking the standard deduction next year. Your tax returns for 2017, however, will look very similar to those in recent years, and we’re happy to prepare them for you.

Each new year presents new opportunities and new challenges. The ineffective and corrupt morass that is present-day Washington D.C. will require all of us who hold our democracy dear to be vigilant and proactive in 2018. In addition to competent leadership, democracy also requires a fair, just, and sustainable economy to support it. It continues to be SRI Investing’s mission to help you bring that about, while securing your own financial future in the process.

May the work continue!