The Great Divide

Unthinkable. That is the word that kept coming to mind last night as the election results poured in. Is this really happening? This morning, however, a bit more clarity has me asking myself why I am so surprised. Has Trump not been doing the unthinkable for months now, and come out on top with every new contest?

Clearly, so many in our country are seeking major changes, changes they are hoping will make their lives better. I shuddered earlier in the campaign when many Sanders supporters were saying publicly they would likely vote for Trump rather than Clinton. In my mind, many Trump voters have been flailing about blindly, and did so again yesterday. But are we not engaged in sustainable, responsible impact investing (SRI) to change our country and our world for the better? Are we not also seeking better lives for ourselves and our children?

As investors, and especially as SRI investors, we want to avoid acting blindly with our portfolios. Now, when the markets will surely be choppy for some time – now is the time to remain calm and to stay with your long-term investment plan. Times of uncertainty are rarely good times to sell. The value of your portfolio does not depend on who occupies the White House, but rather on economic fundamentals that today are global in nature and ultimately transcend U.S. politics. Indeed, the type of world we live in, and in which we will live in the future, is and will be shaped less by how we vote than by how we spend and invest our money.

The Great Divide. Politically, that might well and accurately describe our country. But on a more fundamental level, all of us are seeking better lives, lives with more joy and freedom. It does us little good to bemoan an election that has not gone our way. Rather, last night’s results add clarity and purpose to why we are SRI investors, and why we will do well to stay the course.