Metro New York-Based "Green" Investment Advisor Expanding into Upstate/New England Region


In Addition to New Office in New Paltz, NY, SRI Investing LLC Joins Forces with First Affirmative Financial Network, Premier SRI Portfolio Manager

NEW YORK CITY (November 11, 2015) – With a growing number of investors clamoring for SRI (Sustainable, Responsible, Impact) investing options, two financial advisors with a combined 40 years of financial advisory experience today announced the expansion of metro New York-based SRI Investing LLC, along with a new website at In addition to its current office location in Manhattan, SRI Investing is opening doors in New Paltz, NY, in order to serve new clients in upstate New York, along with Vermont and New Hampshire.

SRI Investing is a collaboration of Gary R. Matthews, PhD CPA/PFS and Amy D. Pender. Matthews, who began his career in finance as a CPA and tax consultant in 1979, later earned a PhD in social ethics in an effort to find a “better way of doing business.” He then dedicated his professional practice solely to SRI, beginning in 2000. Pender began her career as an educator. She put her teaching skills to use aiding non-profit organizations with fundraising and mission-driven work that sought to make the world a better place. In 2010, she joined Merrill Lynch and acquired both Series 7 and 66 securities licenses before joining First Affirmative as an Investment Advisor Representative in 2013.

SRI Investing offers sophisticated state-of-the-art SRI investment along with financial planning advice.

SRI Investing Co-founder and CEO Gary Matthews said: “Our clients are looking for an advisor who can help them do something important and meaningful with their money. They want to live in a world that is peaceful, sustainable, and where all people have a decent opportunity for financial security and success. They want that for their children too. We help them invest in ways that are helping to bring about that kind of world. We help them invest in a fairer and greener economy.

SRI Investing Co-founder Amy Pender added: “Our goal in launching SRI Investing was to provide an SRI advisory resource that contrasts the very generic approach to ethical and impact investing provided by most mainstream advisors. We take the time to truly understand each client’s values as well as their risk tolerance, and we develop portfolios that are in sync with both sets of criteria. Why SRI? First and foremost, we believe in it.  It is sound and robust investing that provides competitive returns. This empowers clients.  Another focal point is our independence. We have no proprietary products to sell, but we still offer a complete suite of services that address a broad array of financial needs—SRI investing, retirement, financial, tax and estate planning.

SRI Investing’s primary third-party portfolio manager is First Affirmative Financial Network. Since 1988, First Affirmative has focused on serving socially conscious, environmentally responsible investors. By integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis into the investment process, the firm is able to design portfolios that align investors' values with their financial goals. First Affirmative's Sustainable Investment Solutions process places a heavy emphasis on diversification to mitigate market risks, finding the mix of investment assets with the highest probability of meeting each client's unique needs.

First Affirmative President Steve Schueth said: “Gary and Amy make a tremendous team. SRI Investing is a sorely needed practice in many of the geographical areas they will be working in. First Affirmative is proud to serve as their SRI portfolio manager for their socially conscious clients. We look forward to making their new endeavor as successful as possible in places like upstate New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire, in addition to metro New York and New Jersey.”

For more information, SRI Investing launched a new website in late October 2015 at


SRI Investing LLC ( is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that is committed to: Helping its individual clients achieve financially healthy, rewarding, and joyful lives; Empowering non-profit and religious organizations to invest their financial resources safely, profitably, and in concert with their respective missions; and Encouraging and assisting its clients with investing in ways that fit their values and contribute to a world that is more peaceful, just, and sustainable. SRI Investing is among the relatively few professional financial advisory firms in the country that specializes solely in SRI—Sustainable, Responsible, Impact investing (aka socially responsible investing) and financial planning.

About First Affirmative Financial Network

First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC ( is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (SEC File #801-56587) offering investment consulting and asset management services through a nationwide network of investment professionals like SRI Investing who specialize in serving socially conscious investors. First Affirmative produces the annual SRI Conference (

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