A New Addition to First Affirmative – New York!

Gary R. Matthews, PhD, CPA/PFS AIF® is happy to announce that Amy D. Pender has joined First Affirmative’s financial advisory practice serving metro New York and Greater New England.  First Affirmative is a leading boutique investment firm specializing in sustainable, responsible, impact (SRI) investment strategies for socially conscious investors.

Ms. Pender comes to First Affirmative from Merrill Lynch, where she had been a successful financial advisor since 2010.  She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music.  

Having begun her career as an artist and educator, Amy worked for over a decade in New York City providing long-term strategic planning advice to non-profit and educational organizations across the country.  

She joined Merrill Lynch wanting to help address an alarming lack of financial competence that severely limited the potential of the people and organizations with whom she had worked in the past.  While her already honed advisory and organizational skills brought her relatively quick success, it became apparent the clients she was attracting expected more from her than merely a financial return.

Amy’s clients wanted to do something meaningful and important with their money.  They wanted to use their resources to contribute to sustainable communities and a healthier environment, and Amy realized she needed a more specialized financial advisory platform from which to provide what many of her clients were seeking – socially responsible investing (SRI).

Ms. Pender’s commitment, experience and creativity will certainly enrich First Affirmative’s metro New York advisory practice.