Create a World Where Every Child Is Safe, Secure and Lives Without Fear

By George Gay

Each year the professionals of First Affirmative gather together for an evening of recognition, networking and fellowship.  Each year, several people are asked to present a talk that we call "Why We Do What We Do."  We have found that, without fail, each person reveals things that we did not know, and shares their path of service and values.  The evening is, every year, a high point of the gathering and inspires each of us.

Inspired by Simon Sinek‚Äôs "Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action" we believe that we should share WHY First Affirmative does what it does.  We work to make life better for everyone, as defined by looking through the eyes of a child.  We help people use their money and resources to provide a better future for themselves, while building a better world for all.

Taking a page from the Hippocratic Oath, we start with the concept "First, do no harm."

Screening out investments in companies that make products or support markets that are violent, or dangerous or unhealthy seems to us to be an obvious choice.  Why would we wish to use our money to harm other people, simply to benefit ourselves?

We believe that making investments that improve the human condition around the world will create a "virtuous cycle" of inter-related benefits which will lead to investment success over time.

We search for investments that provide or support:

  • Clean and Sustainable Energy
  • Fresh and Clean Water
  • Adequate Supplies of Healthy Food
  • A Livable Climate
  • Waste Minimization
  • An End to Impoverishment
  • Justice, Fairness and Equal Opportunity
  • Peace and Security
  • Health and an Acceptable Quality of Life.

These nine areas are inextricably inter-related.  The absence of one reduces the potential for all of the rest.  The presence of all creates a peaceful, just and sustainable society.

This is Why WE Do What We Do.  We hope that you will join us.