To Invest?

We all want to know where the markets are heading, and whether another recession is imminent. We watch the headlines about government debt problems in Europe and in the U.S., and we watch our politicians, our so-called "leaders," fight, fumble, and fail. With the Great Recession of 2008 still a very painful memory for investors (is it over yet?), our anxious thoughts spiral downward...But then we have our morning coffee (fair trade, organic!), exercise, take a nice walk, meditate, or read a hopeful article, and we begin to think again. We, you and I, are the privileged of the world. We have homes to live in, food to eat (fair trade, organic!), and the freedom to conjure up dreams of retirement, new careers, and home renovations.

We even have assets and the wherewithal to invest! To invest - a fascinating freedom. In finance, of course, to invest means to use money to purchase something of value with the hope of a positive return - that is, to make more money. More broadly, though, to invest is to give, use, or devote one’s energies to...a goal, a cause, a lifestyle, loved ones, the good life (or, a life well-lived). Conversely, not to invest could be construed as - not to live.

To invest also means to endow an attribute to others, as in, "The media is investing the public with fear and anxiety about the world." Is that true for you? In these days when the market is bobbing up and down in a sea of anxiety, with what are you invested? With fear? With hope? With determination? Persistence? Joy? How you answer that question reveals how you are likely viewing your financial investments in these admittedly uncertain times.

Know this. Your portfolio is professionally and competently invested and managed. Your portfolio is highly diversified, and we take investment risk very seriously. Above all, your portfolio is invested in a just and sustainable global economy.

Risk is real, though. If you are like most people psychologically, you fear losing money more than you take joy in making it. As always, if you are losing or beginning to lose sleep, call or email me. We have choices and alternatives to help minimize risk further. But whatever you are invested in, financially and in life, I urge you:

Stay invested - with hope for a better future.